Website hosting is a figure that was created practically with the creation of Web pages. They are responsible for managing the storage of customer web pages on web page storage servers.
Structurally, Website Hosting assigns a website address to each website of each client. Any consumer who types this address on the internet, or places the name of the web page they want, will arrive at the place where the web page is located.
This address corresponds to a segment of the webserver (VPS) where the web page is hosted.

Website hosting offers different types of services, depending on the dimensions of the operation of the page that will operate. In other words, the webserver is divided into portions of different sizes. Those pages housed in the largest portions will have the capacity to process a greater volume of information.
Website hosting is responsible for providing the best service to their customers by updating their software and hardware. With these updates they allow you to have:

Greater speed, which is one of the important items for attracting clients from web pages. They must correctly distribute the size of the operation, with the space occupied on the server (VPS). The more space on the server, the monthly rates are also higher.

Increased security, monitoring suspicious activities that could seriously compromise the integrity of customer information. They also continuously back up the data stored on web pages.

Better Service, trying to serve customers 24 hours a day to resolve concerns or problems, and even using multiple languages ​​to provide a better service.
There are many offers of Website hosting. And the variety, in terms of service and prices, give you the possibility to choose the one that best suits your needs.

It is important to choose a website hosting that you trust. Look for references, and check the operation of some pages they manage.
Next, we present a selection of some very well recognized Website hosting:


WPEngine is a Website hosting that entered the market since 2011 and has had tremendous growth. Designed to offer a personalized and efficient service for all clients who intend to have appropriate accommodation for their web pages. It has more than 30,000 clients and has a presence in more than 120 countries. It is one of the most used hostings currently.
It has an exclusive and personalized control panel. By this control, you can manage accounts, domain settings, application installation, etc. It has its own integrated cache, which allows you to have an optimal configuration of customizations and updates.
It has technical support 24 hours a day, which is ready to attend to any inconvenience or doubt about the web pages. Support is in English only.
They provide an excellent storage service, regardless of the size of the client, the storage service is very efficient.
The WP Engine has warranty service for 60 days. WP Engine trusts in the quality of its service and can offer monetary reimbursement if there is any disagreement.


Siteground is a Website hosting company created since 2004. It was created by a group of university students, for their own consumption, but its operation was so excellent that today it has more than 450,000 domains, and to handle this volume of clients, it has 250 employees.

Siteground’s technical support works 24 hours a day, by real-time chat communication or by phone, and they can attend in several languages.
A feature of the storage service provided by Siteground is its security. It has permanent security monitoring, trying to detect and neutralize any threat that customer web pages may have before they can do any damage.
Additionally, it has a backup system for each customer account with a frequency of 30 backups per day for each customer. In this way, Siteground is concerned with preserving the integrity of the data stored by customers.
The servers and software that Siteground has to store and manage web pages are optimized to allow a speed of data processing so that the speed provided by Siteground is one of the fastest on the market


Kinsta is a storage provider, founded in 2013. It was conceived to provide a distinctive service from the competition. It is based on custom design, focusing on safety, stability and speed.
Serves the American, European and Asian markets. The platform is only in English at the moment. In search of a better service, Kinsta does not offer shared service of its VPS servers, and yet it has the flexibility to serve web pages with a generation of just 20,000 visitors per month to corporations with more than 1,500,000 visitors per month.
The peculiarity of Kinsta is that it uses the servers of a search engine company with one of the largest infrastructures on the market. Kinsta has at its disposal a solid and fast structure to host client web pages.

Kinsta has an exclusively designed MyKinsta panel, which allows you to customize the operating functions of your clients.
Security is one of the main pillars of Kinsta, and it has as a standard, the backup of its customers’ data, of up to 14 copies in the last 14 days. With a very fast operation, any of the copies can be accessed. For an additional fee, hourly backups will be possible.

Kinsta has the most advanced technology in its equipment, which considerably increases the loading speed of web pages


The options for you to establish a web page are very wide and excellent. Carry out your investigation of the Website hosting, evaluating speed, security and attention among others. Develop the website in such a way that your customers are satisfied.

The perfect host is one that keeps your website online for as long as possible without failure, is prepared for outages, and communicates with you in moments of inactivity. Keeps track of your website.

But even these companies fail from time to time. What matters most is how they handle these situations.

Always visit and check your website