Looking for the perfect web designer to create your desired website for your business is more work than it looks like. A designer who is considerate of giving you his best shot as asked of your desired requirements is not easy to find, even in London. The designer must be flexible and proactive towards each detail by creating a website that looks not only attractive but should transform its seldom visitors to regular clients.

When creating a website, the web designer must use SEO Optimisation. It will enhance both the quality and attributes of the website. An SEO-friendly website will allow the search engine to read and explore pages throughout the sites. If you want to ensure the search engine visibility of your website, there is no doubt it needs to be built SEO-friendly.

But the most important fact to be considered here is that many designers add SEO optimisation after they have created a website, whereas it is much more effective to be simultaneously built into the process of web design.

OK, we admit this is a bit of a “trumpet blowing blog post” but hey sometimes you need one 🙂

The following are the reasons why SEO pages need to be considered when looking for a website designer in London:


1. Get More Website Traffic

A website that uses SEO optimisation is bound to get more users than a website that does not use it. How? Because SEO generates specific keywords that guide the customers towards their desired sites. Customers get more focused on the place they want to be.


2. Get All Your Pages Indexed By Google

Indexing is a process on which the whole designing of a website is dependent upon. It means to put in sites into Google search. SEO allows important parts of the page to be fully indexed to achieve more ranking. Given below are some methods to have a 100% indexed page. Have a look!


a) Make Use Of Alt Text

Images that are not accessible to the viewers, get displayed using Alt text. Often, Google like many other search engines, cannot identify images and is need for proper details of the image. Therefore, it wants you to state; name and description (Alt text) of the image, so that they can be visible.


b) Give Transcripts

As stated above, the same as with images, the videos, audios, or any other multimedia content are also in need of a proper description. When uploading a video, add transcripts on the page.


c) Hidden Content

The content that has been written in the source code for the site but is not visible to traffic is the hidden content. It is there to hide the content which is not related to the site. Hidden content avoids cluttering. Hiding content allows the site load quickly when the user is using mobiles. But keeping hidden content will not allow the page to get 100% indexed. Therefore, it must be an open site.


3. Simple Website Architecture

The architecture of a website allows the search engine crawlers and the viewers to search what they have been looking for on a page. Therefore, keep it simple! A complex architecture will only lead to more searching and possibly, a dead end. A simple website architecture provides:


a) Page Speed

Fast loading sites means more traffic. A user will be more obliged to open a website that gives it quick access to what he wants, whether he opens it on a computer or mobile. A simple architecture is a vital key to that.


b) Redundant Pages

A page that has duplicated information inside will lead to a struggle for both the user and the search engine. It lowers the ranking of the website on the search engines. The designer needs to write content that is unique and relevant. Duplicate content would trouble the search engine to resolve pages during the inquiry. Different links to the same pages are what happens when the content is duplicated.


c) Crawl

People often confuse crawling with indexing, while it is the step taken before the index. It allows the search engine to filter the relevant pages in a searchable index and provide it to users by sending bot to the website. Googlebot is used for Google. If a site has not been made crawlable, it will not search up because it has not been included in the index. A simple architecture easily crawls the page.



By switching to HTTPS, Google has granted security to the websites. No third party can breach in and cause damage. HTTPS is more likely to get indexed than HTTP. HTTPS is a must!


4. Canonical Tags

Sometimes, the same content on a website has different pages and needs only one of them to be highly prioritised, the page requires you to write content for every one of them. Since they are of the same content, it proves quite troublesome to write unique content for every single page. You might get dinged of duplicate content. That is when canonical tags come in handy. These tags tell the page that ‘this’ page should be indexed while the rest are just its forms. The drawback with these tags is that the ‘forms’ will not get indexed, but the duplicate content issue is evaded.



If you are a business looking for a web designer in London you should consider giving us a call. We have many ideas on how to help businesses obtain traffic and business through their website, getting pages fully indexed, and creating keyword optimised content.

SEO pages provide services and marketing to the client in a very effective manner. SEO keeps also keeps the content up to date and relevantly accessible to the users. The SEO pages are fully considerate of who their customer is!

Moreover, the key areas to be focused on for your business website should be optimising keywords, crawling optimisation, indexing, transcripts, speed, removing duplicate content, and canonical tags, etc. 

Do not for once think that, looking for a web designer is an easy task. Because that is something that everyone else also has on their minds. If you think that you are unique, well then you are already in the international competition, even if your competition is in London.