WordPress is one of the best web design platforms there is, and businesses and individuals have plenty to gain from using this unique platform. In fact, if you run a small online business, going with WordPress as your website design software is arguably the best decision you can make. Through this great platform, you can conveniently get a great website to promote your products and services in no time.

Running a successful local business has never been as competitive as it is at the moment, and only a few lucky businesses can achieve their desired results through effectively designed websites, optimised for SEO and proper marketing services. That is precisely the reason WordPress is such a great option for you as a small local UK business looking for a web designer who will do a fantastic design job and make promoting your site more effective.

In this article we will share some of our thoughts explaining why we think WordPress is a top choice platform for your business. If you are looking for a WordPress website designer in London, read this first then get in touch! We help small businesses improve their online visibility through digital marketing. 


Why WordPress is the Best Website Design Software?


1. Suitable for all kinds of businesses

There are dozens of website design software in the world, but WordPress is in many ways the best of them all. This web building solution is suitable for all kinds of businesses, regardless of their sizes and niches. Although quite popular as a solution for bloggers, WordPress has plenty more to offer its business users. It can also handle galleries and other features that would be perfectly suited to an online business. In other words, WordPress is the solution you need to make your online business a success.



2. Powerful software

This website design software is also incredibly powerful, and it is also scalable and user-friendly. This potent combination of factors is not something you can always count on having when using a rival website building software. These features are important for a business that foresees a future of rapid growth and wants a website based on a platform that is designed to handle such changes.



3. Fast website building capabilities

Due to features like the drag and drop design capabilities, building websites using WordPress will be a very intuitive and easy process for your web designer. Therefore, you can expect to have your website delivered on a short deadline without any compromises on quality so that you can get your business up and running. Having your website redesigned when you feel the need to do major upgrades will also be less of an issue regardless of the WordPress designer you hire to do the job.

Granted, most people don’t like having to wait for several weeks or months before they get their tailor-made websites; which is not always a possibility when building a site based on some more complex and technically advanced site building software besides WordPress.

Fortunately, with WordPress, you will always be in a position to have your site created and redesigned much faster so that you don’t spend too much time waiting. This is great for you as a small business since you will get back to promoting and earning from your website with little delay.



4. Open source and free

One of the best things about WordPress is that it is completely free and open source. That also means those website designers who focus on this platform have plenty of features at their disposal as they design WordPress based websites. With all these features, you will also enjoy a greater amount of control over your website, which should help explain why so many business websites are based on the WordPress platform.

The cost benefits of a free platform obviously pass on to you as the small business owner in search of a tailor-made website to market and sell your products or services. This is a very significant benefit to individuals and small businesses who don’t have a lot of money to spend on a new website.



5. More control

As you run your small online business, you will have no issues meeting the needs of various clients with WordPress as your chosen platform. Due to the immense amount of control you will have as you use a site that is powered by this platform, you will be in a position to optimise your social media presence, your sales operations, and manage your site membership more effectively.



6. Great themes to choose from

Using WordPress is also great in that it gives designers the option of choosing from among thousands of great themes that they can incorporate into your site during the design process. So, you will never find your site looking like any other site on the web.

That is because even as the designer uses these themes, he/she will have endless opportunities to customise the site as per the needs of your business. To make this even more effective, WordPress offers a choice of over 50 thousand plugins that designers can use to add various features that your site needs to conduct its business properly.

Additionally, you will get a website a lot faster since the process will be much easier on the WordPress website designer you employ to do the job.



7. Highly recommended website building solution

WordPress is also one of the most recommended frameworks for businesses as it comes with an incredible selection of benefits. For instance, the platform helps you reduce the website design workload and also speeds up the site development process.



8. Productive websites

Another benefit to using WordPress sites is that these sites are quite productive. Many sites fail to deliver on many levels simply because they are built based on the wrong platform. However, that is not a challenge small business sites based on the WordPress sites have to encounter.

Whatever you want to achieve as a business, the web designer will have an easy time turning your dreams and expectations into reality; thanks to the multiplicity of tools available to them as they design sites based on the WordPress platform. So, whether you want a retail site or a blog, you will not have to accept any compromises if WordPress is your chosen platform.



9. Plenty of web hosting solutions to work with

Also, using WordPress as your chosen web design platform means having access to some of the best and the most affordable web hosting solutions in the world. There are many web hosting companies that specifically cater to sites based on this platform.

Alternatively, you can have your site hosted on your web design company’s servers, if they offer such services to their customers.



Why Use WordPress to Promote my Website Design Services?

The good thing about promoting your online business through WordPress is that you will have an easier time reaching your target audience. Estimates indicate that close to a third of all websites on the internet are powered by the WordPress platform, and that means that there are plenty of marketing tools these sites use to reach their audiences, and you can use them as well.

This platform is great at promoting your business as it is also quite affordable. Besides, with its powerful features, your commercial site will have all the tools it needs to reach your target market whether it be through social media marketing or targeted PPC ads or other forms of digital marketing strategies.

Otherwise, if you hire a website design company that offers WordPress website design, you will not have any problems finding professionals with the skills to deliver you the WordPress business site you had in mind.

So, choosing to go with WordPress as your web design software is probably the best thing that you could do for your small UK business. And if you need a WordPress website designer in London, contact us today to discuss your needs for a new website design or website refresh.