Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has been forced to stay safe and stay home. At first, it was thought that in a couple of weeks it would end, but it 11 weeks later… it’s not.

Being so long without being able to restart the economy, many companies have been seriously affected, as have everyone employed by those companies. Many of these companies will most likely not be able to open again. The most “responsible governments” in the world, aware of this situation, are establishing subsidies and financial aid to try to reduce the impact a little, however, many other governments do not have sufficient economic strength to do so.

The truth is that it is not known how long we should truly stay at home and to restart the UK economy. And it is a sad reality that many people will have lost their usual jobs.

But this will not be the first or the last time that humanity has faced a crisis.

We have always known how to keep going, and this is no exception. We have to reinvent ourselves, and we have everything we need to do it. Technology has reduced the cost of starting your own business to virtually pennies (particularly for online businesses).

And so you ask: How can you start a business from home during this “Corona-economy”?

Below are some potential business ideas for you to ponder to help you make the most out of a bad situation:


Types Of Businesses To Start From Home

Businesses can be very diverse, from online jobs to some service you can provide from home. It all depends on your capabilities and resources.

The one who will have the idea that fits you is yourself. The one who knows all its potentialities and limitations is yourself.

Here are some possibilities that serve as a reference and help you think about the possibilities that you:

Home repairs:

This is a possibility, with low investment. Do you know how to repair something? You can do many things from home, repair cell phones, computers, motors, etc. The margin is high and doing home repairs from home, the costs will be low.
And as people may be cautious of their job they may look to repair their broken television instead of throwing it away and running down to Currys.


Outdoor Personal Training

Personal Trainers have had the floor swept from underneath them. Gyms have been closed for a while and social distancing has made 1:1 and workout classes near non-existent. However, I have been seeing many people in the park with what seems to be a personal trainer.
If you are a personal trainer, it’s time to build your brand. Brand matters. Facts. It’s time to build. Build your personal training website. Get on social media. And get clients. Many people are exercising more outdoors and personal trainers should be taking advantage.

Sports Classes At Home

If you can do the downward dog or are a body pumper or a spinning beast you could set up your own sports classes from home. Ideally, they would be classes that did not require much equipment to reduce the barriers to entry. You could either do small groups (One or two maximum people at a time), or larger groups (e.g., 5-15 at a time) considering the place you have and respecting social distancing.


Mobile Beautician

If it is of interest, becoming a Mobile Beautician, Hairdresser, Manicurist, Masseuse or Physical therapist is a great option. With a solid profit margin and flexibility, these businesses could be a viable option to explore.


Ghost Kitchen / Food Delivery Service

If anything has boomed since COVID-19 it has been online food deliveries. The simple fact is people need to eat. The other simple fact is people like to treat themselves.
Starting a food delivery only restaurant (what we now call a Ghost Kitchen) could work very well. The acceleration of online food ordering has increased the pie for many to eat.

Part of what excited the backers of ghost kitchens was the lower startup costs. There are a few other advantages besides smaller financial investment: flexibility of the concept, freedom to experiment and you can maximise on throughput.
A ghost (or “dark”) kitchen is simply a kitchen that has passed food hygiene standards that you can operate from. Some do this from home and others rent a kitchen. This reduces costs so you can stay competitive.
You need to sign up to all the big food delivery services like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat. Then wait until the orders come in.

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Local Handyman

Despite being quarantined, people continue to use water, electricity, etc. Things that are essential, and that by use, usually fail. A water pipe that breaks can put a family in trouble who does not know how to solve the situation.
If you know how to repair basic things these sort of handymen services will be required more than ever. Start offering them in your area.


Internet Jobs

This is an amazing and fascinating world, you can offer your services as an illustrator, translator, writer, transcriber, and many others.
There are several portals that you can use to offer your skills. In some, you sign up and publish some offers based on your qualities. Employers who frequently use those portals with an interest in work can select you and offer you work.
In other portals, employers offer jobs, and you explain what your job skills are. The employer checks among the bidders, and if they select you, you start working.
It is a process that is not so fast, but you must be constant in offering and reviewing your publications.

There is another way to get money online, which is through digital marketing on Blogs and web pages. This is not a get rich quick scheme but can definitely start paying off in as little as 12-18 months with some hard work.
When making a blog or a web page, you must register in some advertising portals like Google AdSense. You will place advertising on your Blog or website, and each time a visitor to your blog or website clicks on the advertisement, some money will go into your account.
The key to this way of obtaining money is that there must be a significant influx of visitors.


Get out There!

So, you have the thing you have to offer to the world – your product or service. Now you must do marketing work. The first thing is to define who is your ideal customer. Find out where they hang out online. Target those platforms or forums by adding value. Answer questions and provide advice where possible.

Also, make known the service or product that you are offering.
Use word of mouth, information boards in buildings, and public places that are working.
Use social media to promote. Prepare a good “Flyer” with information about your product or service. If you are not adept at doing this type of advertising, ask us to help you.


Final Words

Those were some quick tips about how you could start a business from home during the COVID-19. This “new normal” may be different but different can be great for those who have one eye on the ball.

In the words of Marc Andreessen, “It’s time to build.