As businesses in the UK gradually resume reopening and adjusting to the new “COVID world”, people are starting to come out of their houses more and more. This means parents are getting back to work. However, it cannot be denied that there have been nurseries and daycares who struggled badly during the outbreak and failed to thrive. This is unfortunate for the industry, but it opens more opportunities for the surviving few nurseries to make the most as the bounce back begins. 

Rising from the recent chaotic business and economic environment, it would be unclear as to who are those left standing. Despite the anxiety of parents leaving their children in nurseries and daycares because of social distancing measures, the need for providing childcare is a necessity they cannot avoid.

Staying relevant through digital media has been important now more than ever. What physical presence can compensate without online presence before, might not be enough nowadays.


Benefits Of Having A Professional Website

Having a professionally made website has been deemed necessary even before the COVID outbreak. As the “new normal” is established, the necessity for a great clean website is even more compelling. 

It’s no secret that everything now happens online from socialising, searching for information, looking for establishments, selling, purchasing to customer servicing. Regardless of whether you’re maintaining physical presence or not, being on the web ensures that you are reaching your existing and potential customers.

There are enormous ways you can benefit from maintaining a business website. Though you can do it on your own, unless you possess the skill set needed to produce and maintain one, having it done by professionals can save you the headache of aimlessly wandering how to go about it, and moving forward with it.

Website Customisation and Optimisation

While there are available templates online, creating a custom fit website means having a team of creatives generate things for you. Whether it’s content, features, or design, a team of professionals is surely capable of putting things together seamlessly. Creating a website is more than just having a banner and photos on the web. You should be able to showcase your value and relay to your customers that you are indeed what they are looking for. 


What should you share on your nursery website?

  • Photos
  • Explanation of activities
  • Ethos
  • Staff videos
  • Newsletters
  • Timetables
  • Dietary plans
  • FAQ

Have you ever clicked on a site that you thought you liked then suddenly switched to a new one after a few flicks and clicks? You wouldn’t want that to happen to your customers. Leading parents to your website should make them want to register and enrol their kids to your daycare or call you at the very least. This is where customisation is crucial. 

An effective childcare website design is user-friendly, adapts to mobile (“responsive”), and efficient in communicating messages to the customers. It is important to remember that when customers look at your website, it becomes a one-way communication streak not unless they initiate interaction through messaging. You must have the right headline, images, buttons, content, and banners to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you can answer their need for childcare services.


As digitisation becomes fully integrated into our everyday lives, more and more people are frequently online. Therefore, aside from aesthetics and communication, discoverability is important to make your website discoverable. You would want your local parents to see you online and open for business. Which leads to the question, “How can my website show up in their searches?”


Create relevant content

On your website, make sure you communicate your stories through different kinds of content. You can increase visibility through social media links, shares, and presence on blog sites


Utilise videos

Videos are more attractive and engaging. The more mediums you try to utilise, the more exposure you can get from different digital platforms.

Maximise social media

Nowadays, there is only a handful of people that are not on social media. This is where your parents are hanging out. Encourage people to share and engage with your page. Create a community that believes and could attest to what you do.

Website optimisation helps increase customer conversion. When parents start coming into your website it automatically means that they feel the potential of having a need addressed by your business. Maximise its full potential by using the right tools, getting in touch with the right people, and reaching your target market.

Local Online Advertising

Mainstream ads as we all know are very expensive. As you transition online, you can avail of digital ads, which are much cheaper. Additionally, by taking advantage of this, you can have a more targeted audience.

Many successful businesses spend around 10-20% of revenue on marketing and advertising if they are looking for growth. If you are looking for more children or to expand your nursery sites then PPC advertising could be the way to go. 


Maintaining a website means people can see you at any time of the day. This allows your customers to access information about your business 24/7.


Tips For Creating A Professional Nursery Website: 

Avoid Cluttered Pages

This is one of the reasons why professionally done websites are more attractive. As we try to be informative to parents looking for daycare services, too much information can be overwhelming. While we want to persuade them of how capable we are as service providers, there are effective ways on how your website can compartmentalise information. You can make use of images, sections, or pages. Similarly, background images also contribute to the clutter. Professionals should know how to present a clean page. More often than not, simple is better.


Convey Empathy

As content becomes king in the digital arena, offering stories conveying different emotions will enable you to convert parents to avail of your services. It is important for them to feel that you know their challenges and that you’re able to help them out. More than just getting their money, they should feel a sense of security especially since they’re entrusting you with their children’s health and safety.


ABC = Always Be Calling

Every website should have a call to action button. Since we aim to inform and convert parents into trusting your business, ensure that they see that very important button or link. 



Investing in a professionally done website for your nursery may seem expensive. Nevertheless, you should think about it as an investment because by doing so, you can expect more profit in return. The COVID outbreak could have affected a lot of industries adversely. But it shouldn’t hinder you from embracing change and recovering from your loss.

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