Website builders allow you to spin up a professional-looking website pretty quickly without having to code. Many of them also allow you to manage the content via its Content Management System (CMS).Before knowing which the best website builders are, let us help explain what they are and how they work.

Website Builders

Website Builders are digital platforms that allow the construction of online pages. Typically, creating a complete web page requires a complex code description method. However, with website builders, it is not necessary to understand code everything from scratch.Website creators emerge as an elementary substitute for web page designs. But this does not end here. The objective is to form a new digital concept in any social, entertainment, political, economic, labour, etc.Each design platform explains step by step how to create your page online. In addition to this, they usually offer you countless templates on which you can adjust and vary any number of options and content.To create and develop your website, blog, newspaper, magazine or another digital channel, you need to know who the creators of active websites are. To make your search easier, we suggest the 5 best-known website builders below:


SEO Pages webflow-site-builder 5 Best Website Builders Blog Business Tips Website Design
This creation and design platform can top the list of the best website creators. Its instructions are very easy to understand and its functions are not complex at all. An additional plus that this platform receives is the possibility of involving different people who can edit and supervise the project. This opens the option to receive collaborations from friends who are anywhere in the world.Even though Webflow has advanced options for which you have to pay, its free basic plans are very complete. If you are a beginner in digital page design, with the basic options of Webflow, you will be able to develop your first digital page successfully.After you have put in some time to practice and improve, and you’re ready to go to the next level, we suggest you opt for the paid options. There’s nothing like putting your money where your mouth is. This will help you increase the quality of your projects with more options to choose, apply and include, the greater the social reach of the page created.


SEO Pages wordpress-site-builder 5 Best Website Builders Blog Business Tips Website Design
WordPress is a great rival to Webflow. Webflow is more modern and has gained great fame, however, WordPress is better known and has been on the market for a longer time. It is said that almost 40% of the blogs and web pages on the web have been created with WordPress.WordPress offers the largest range of design templates. Although it is a design platform for all audiences, it is dedicated to the most advanced designers. It can be practised with WordPress, but its functions are complex. These provide exclusivity and level to the material created with WordPress.Many companies that decide to create web pages try to use WordPress as a design platform. Like Webflow, WordPress, you don’t need any code application for your activity.


SEO Pages shopify-site-builder 5 Best Website Builders Blog Business Tips Website Design
Shopify is the ideal platform to create a virtual eCommerce website store. Their options are focused on positioning your eCommerce website among the best on the web. In addition to this, it also allows you to develop blogs. These can serve as an advertising agent for your products. Pro tip: As you write about your product category you can slip in some internal backlinks to your product page.The capacity that Shopify allows you to publish products, articles or services, has no limits. This means that, under the direction of Shopify, you can publish any commercial idea you want. The scope of this platform incorporates all kinds of languages. This will have a totally beneficial result. With the use of any language, the possibility of achieving an online sale is greater.Shopify is the perfect platform to start a business. It is easy to understand and manage. It is the best option for beginners that want to start a complete eCommerce website in a short period. The only downside is the amount you’ll have to pay for the plugins. Shopify is the easiest start option.

Square Space

SEO Pages squarespace-logo 5 Best Website Builders Blog Business Tips Website Design
This platform is not the best known, however, it is positioned among the most complete. Squarespace is often identified by many people as a comprehensive platform. The main feature of Squarespace is that it raises the level of marketing. Yes, it is a platform to design any type of website, however, it focuses on boosting your online business.Squarespace is a great option for many small business websites. Its structure is simple. The templates it uses are clean and innovative to help you capture your online audience. For the full use of its functions, payment must be made. However, done right, this could pay you back in dividends.Squarespace features are not intended for all audiences. People who are self-employed, related to creative projects, prefer almost entirely to Squarespace.Squarespace is perfect for starting a website. But, if the level of growth is large-scale, other website builders are probably better suited. Normally, large companies with extensive product line do not use this platform.


SEO Pages wix-site-builder 5 Best Website Builders Blog Business Tips Website Design
Wix is ​​another good option for creating web pages. This seeks to boost business through original and prominent templates among digital networks. Wix is ​​the best platform to create and design concepts if you really are a total novice. To perform well with Wix, you don’t need to have any level of web development experience.Wix is ​​a platform widely used by medium-scale businesses who want to dive into the digital world. These businesses include commercial stores, small restaurant chains or local restaurants, cafes, beauty shops, etc. Each one, with an offer idea through the application of web pages and Wix, explains how to achieve it step-by-step.Wix has an interactive vision. This means that it stimulates the relationship of affiliated entrepreneurs with connected users. Therefore, small businesses, with constant customer flow, prefer Wix over other platforms.