Businesses in the UK, no matter in what industry or field, receives immense competition. In order to get ahead of the competition as well as for the exponential growth of your construction business, it is necessary that you get a significant amount of leads every day. Without the flow of leads, your business cannot survive. That is why it is important that you put all your efforts into generating quality leads for your construction business. Leads refer to the new customers that are converted from potential to actual clients; these customers are what adds to the longevity of any business.

In UK construction business marketing, more importance is given for generating leads because a constant supply of new customers is essential, since the regular customers may also stop one day or another from coming back. Therefore the UK construction marketing agency is constantly in strive for getting more leads so that the business meets the constant growth and get ahead of the competition. For the purpose of having that constant supply of oxygen (i.e the leads) for your business, you must start acting now before you are gobbled up by the competition. Here are some of the best ways to get construction leads in 2019 as well as work leads for builders.



List your construction business to various relevant directories:

The best way to get maximum customers for your construction or trade business is to get your business listed on various directories. This helps the customers to find you when they need you. The customers will come searching for you, they will look for you for the work they need you to perform, contact you and you just have to perform the best of your services. Here are some of the directories that are also the best bid sites for tradesmen in the UK.

This is the perfect website for finding customers. It promises the tradesmen that it will help you in succeeding with your business. It is extremely simple to use and you just have to create a profile for the services that you offer as well as your working area. Then you can select the jobs that you are interested in by sending an introductory message to the customer. If the customer also finds you a perfect fit for the job then they will shortlist you, where you have to pay a small shortlist fee in order to contact the customer. Then you are hired by the customer which is the perfect time to show your magic.

This is another platform that will help the customers to reach you. If you are a skilful trader who loves his work then you should definitely get listed here. You have to be a member of this website in order to appear in the 351,626 searches that are performed every month. As the customer makes a search, limited results with the specialised tradesmen in the selected region will be listed. This limited members for each trade in each region bring more quality for the customers with an increased chance for every trader to be inquired by the customers. Then the details will be discussed between the trader and the customers for the costs agreed. This website is also an answer for how to get construction leads free as it does not charge for successful leads.

Here customers upload for around 100,000 posts every year. That means that you can benefit from all of these job leads. For being a member you can sign up to any of the plans they have for which you will have to pay a monthly fee and when you generate a lead, there will be a small cost. The leads will be based on your skills as well as the area you work in; therefore you will experience only relevant and limited opportunities.

Here you will not have to pay any payment for registering your business. You need to fill and submit the secure form to be listed on the website. The review will take around 7 days and your business will be accepted based on the reputation, complaints, history, place, ratings, reviews, trust, satisfaction as well as cost. You need to follow best business practices in order to get accepted.

This is the federation of master builders where you can get your business listed. This FMB lis0ting will define your credibility to the customers which help them to earn that you are the best for the job. Moreover, FMB also provides you with insurance that is meant for the builders and you will use contracts with the customers that add more professionalism to your services.


SEO/ Local SEO

Local SEO and SEO can be extremely helpful for generating leads for your construction business. Local Search Engine Optimisation means that the local customers will be able to see you in the search results easily when they search for your services on the web. Local SEO is more beneficial than SEO because it provides a higher return over investment. It is more likely that the local customer will visit the store after getting it on the search results. Your business must have to be visible for the searches being done for your area in order to generate maximum leads.

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Pay Per Click (PPC):

PPC can deliver immediate results for the construction businesses. This means that you have to pay for every click that a customer makes on your advertisement even if they do not convert into a paying customer. You must execute the PPC campaign well in order to get maximum benefits. It is a great way to start your marketing program, you can receive the data received from PPC for SEO and social media as well. It helps you to gain a wider audience. You can get help from PPC campaign time and again to boost your audience reach.


All these efforts will definitely bring you the leads that you want. Make sure to get maximum benefits out of them and to maximize the profits of your business.


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