The world is filled with thousands of mums who want to start their own business but do not have the time and energy because of their family’s responsibilities. Are you one of those moms? Then do not worry madam! You have come to the right place. This article will hopefully inspire you with some business ideas that you could use to start your own small business from home while spending time with your family. No need for you to let your kids hang around in the daycare as you can attentively take care of them all day while still having time to spare for your business and having a successful career.
You are probably looking for job ideas that are flexible, fit to your schedule, close to your home, or at home and which require minimum qualification. You don’t have to look any further! Given below are some great ideas you can pick up to start your work-from-home business. Take a look…

Online Selling

You do not need to start big. You can start selling products online through the help of a third party like eBay or maybe even Amazon. You can also create your website if you happen to own a stock of items. You can make so much more than you can imagine once you get the hang of this. Try getting inexpensive items in bulk and sell them for a higher price.


One of the most excellent ways to earn these days is through online freelancing. You can easily create a freelancing account on Fiverr, Upwork, or any other freelancing site for free and provide clients with your services. Work is available in abundance on these sites and can be accessible to any entrepreneur easily.

Become a Virtual Assistant

There are many convenient ways to become a virtual assistant for companies and clients. Virtual Assistant jobs are the easiest ones to work from home. You can start by taking on personal assistant duties such as handling calls, organizing meetings for clients, extracting data out of websites like gathering contact info about the managers of different hotels in a hotel tracking website. Being a VA will allow you to work from anywhere you like, whether it’s from home or at a friend’s place. You can even take breaks between your job as much as you need.


Those mums that have excellent writing skills and want to invest their time writing should try blogging. It will help you pen down your inner thoughts. Blogging can help you connect with people around the world who share your perception. You can write just about anything and post it online for the world to see and even make money off of it. You don’t need a proficiency certificate in English to start blogging. You can make do even with basic English. Just find a way to be unique and relevant.

Daycare at Home

If you are good at handling kids then you can start your own daycare business at home. People get busy and it’s a great help to them having their children being looked after while they go to work. It will also allow your children to interact with other children and make tons of new friends. Not just your children, but you will also have the chance of meeting other mums and making new friends. This work-at-home business will allow you to have a family you never imagined.

Start a YouTube Channel

If you have been using YouTube for a long time and are familiar with how people are earning through it, then what are you waiting for? If they can earn lots by uploading videos then, you can too! Start your research on how to work things around YouTube, inquire through growing channels, make informative videos that will draw people to your channel. The more optimized content you dish out for your channel, the more subscribers you will gain. As you gain more subscribers, you’ll make a solid earning.


Throughout your life, you have gained much experience regarding your career. By becoming a consultant, you can assist people that share the same career as you. It doesn’t matter what your post was. You can add value to your clients’ inquiries according to your experience. Once you know your targeted consumers and the answers to their inquiries, you can jump-start your career in no time. It will help improve your social network as well.

Hair Stylist

Hairstyling is an awesome profession and anyone can take it up if they are interested in beauty works. This job will allow you to transform your home into an at-home beauty salon. You can do hairdressing, bridal looks, makeup, and anything that you are good at. Customers can approach you through a call. You can both fix a schedule for a makeover session. Your work on them will decide where this business will lead you. So, have fun and do a great job on those makeovers!

Event Management

You might have already experienced this, but almost all of the parents have this nature of having things done precisely whether it is making a list of items, setting up schedules, helping their children with their homework, or time management. If you are already doing this, then why not become an event manager and take things to a whole new level? You need only three things to become an event manager.

  1. Some research
  2. Social skills with your clients to create a network
  3. Business marketing


Monetize Your Hobby

If the suggestions stated above do not work out for you, then you might want to follow your passion. Start doing things that you love. Maybe you wanted to be a teacher, a chef, or maybe even a content creator. Well, it’s never too late. You can still follow your dreams by using various mediums online or by making your website. The options you have available at your disposal are endless. You should research on how you can start earning through your hobby online and make a profit.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. If you would like a website designed for your new small business venture get in touch today!